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4 Benefits of a Credit Card Machine

18 February 2013

We understand that at MaxPayNow that accepting credit & debit cards is more than just a simple swipe by the customer of their card; it’s about growing your business & competing with your competitors who already have a merchant account.  Accepting cards & having a credit card machine makes good business sense. 

Below are some benefits that you can receive from accepting plastic & having a merchant account, all of which add up to a smart business decision by yourself!

Cashflow: Instead of waiting for checks to clear, or 30 or even 90 days for invoices to be paid, funds resulting from credit and debit card transactions are deposited directly into your bank account, often within 48 hours.

Lower your business costs: For starters, it is often less expensive to process credit cards and debit cards than to accept cheques. Accepting customer's plastic helps streamline operational costs and cuts down on overhead by eliminating the need to send bills and manage account receivables.

More of a professional image: By accepting credit cards, you and your company gain valuable creditability in the eyes of both current and potential customers.

Impulse buying: Giving your customers another way to pay for their purchases helps boost the average sale. In fact, customers paying with credit cards typically spend about 30 percent more than when paying with cash or cheque. Consumers generally feel greater financial freedom with their credit card & debit as most people don't carry much cash in their wallet or purse! Offering customers multiple non-cash options to pay for goods or services allows you to capture all possible sales as well as provide an added convenience that the general public today have come to expect. Having the ability to accept debit and credit card payments allows you to increase your cash flow by getting paid faster while reducing overhead costs.

If you want a high risk merchant account, moto account, e-commerce merchant, virtual terminal or even a cash injection in the form of a merchant cash advance MaxPayNow can help you!

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