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High Risk Merchant Account high approval

12 December 2012

High Approval Rate for Offshore Merchant Account

We've got a very high approval rate at MaxPayNow & get businesses approved where other providers have failed. Our credit card processing services have a high risk credit card processing program for almost all kinds of high risk industry in  the UK, onshore and offshore. High Risk Merchants have a requirement to accept all major credit cards just like traditional merchants.

Even though high risk classified web sites pay higher fees for the processing of credit & debit card payments the our solution offers them the ability to accept credit card payments & without this facility many companies wont survive. Before we set you up with a high risk offshore merchant account, we will go through a number of steps to identify the acquiring banks that we believe will be forthcoming with an offer for your business.

Merchant Account

High risk merchant accounts are specifically designed for businesses with a higher chargeback probability. With our unique approach to understanding business practices at MaxPayNow will allow us to work with many unique businesses with various degrees of risk. Choosing the right high risk merchant account or merchant account for your business is one of the most important decisions that you as a business owner can make in regard to your cash flow! 

Our staff focuses predominantly in understanding your business's needs, your operational structure and how payment acceptance limitations can be overcome to acquire you the right high risk merchant that is best suited for your business. 

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If your company already has a physical credit card machine did you realise that you could qualify for cash in the form of a Merchant Cash Advance which can be anything from £3,500 - £25,000. This cash could be used to pay bills, wages, buy extra stock, advertising or even expansion.

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