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Merchant Account online Maxpaynow

20 December 2012

Credit Card Machine

Setting up a merchant account with MaxPayNow is the most standard way of preparing to accept credit cards. A merchant account online establishes the business owner as a verified merchant who can accept credit card payments. For small business owners, adding the option to accept credit or debit cards can be a great way to expand business. For example, at a local shop accepting card customers ensures business from customers who just happen to stop in but do not have any cash or a cheque book with them. Business owners need to remember that customers will spend 12-18% more if they can use a credit or debit card? Accepting credit cards for every business is essential to sustaining and growing a successful business today. When you accept a card, you can be sure that you will know immediately if that card is good & has the funds on it. When you take cheques, you're not guaranteed anything. By the time you deposit that check and it is routed to your customer's bank, all the funds may be gone but the customer has your products.

The average order value of a customer paying by card is higher than those paying by cash. Cards will encourage impulse purchases as customers are not limited to the cash in their pockets. Also, you will have reduced bank charges with less cash and cheques to deposit if you have a merchant account so your business will enjoy fewer bank fees!

Even if your credit is not very good, it is not is usually a problem. MaxPayNow are not locked into just one processing bank/lender, so we have several different banking relationships we can use to get you approved with.

Contact MaxPayNow on 0161 928 2287 or go to & request a call back or fill in our online merchant application.

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